Accessoires MIDI

Behringer FCB1010 + UNO – MIDI Foot Controler

FCB/UNO Control Center – Editeur pour FCB1010 + UNO

AudiofrontMIDI Expression IO

MIDI Expression – MIDI Expression Originale avec une seule entrée
MIDI Expression Quattro – MIDI Expression avec 4 entrées pour pédales
MIDI Expression iO – MIDI Expression avec 3 entrées pour pédales + MIDI DIN In/Out
Toutes sont Class Compliant & une application Mac PC & IOS est disponible pour le paramétrage

  • Fabricant : AudioFront
  • Modèle : MIDI Expression IO
  • Catégorie : Pédales/pédaliers MIDI

Audiofront a commercialisé depuis 2016 la MIDI Expression iO, une interface compacte USB pour pédales incluant des ports MIDI DIN IN/OUT.


  • 3 plug & play, pedal sensing inputs
  • Full size 5 pin MIDI In / Out Ports
  • Flexible Routing
  • Key Commands

Pedal Sensing Inputs
MIDI Expression devices offer the highest level of plug and playability. The inputs automatically detect and provide custom configurations for expression, sustain, footswitch, and force sensitive resistor type pedals. With their auto-polarity reversing inputs, you can be sure that pedals from different manufacturers will all be supported with zero fuss.

Full Size 5 pin MIDI In / Out DINS
The biggest addition to this new device are the full size MIDI ports on the back. These ports follow the MIDI specification guidelines including an optically isolated MIDI In and support for the complete gantlet of MIDI messages including full length SysEx.

Flexible Routing
All sources of data, including individual pedal inputs, MIDI In, and USB MIDI data can be freely routed to either the USB host or out the 5 pin MIDI Out connection using the optional MIDI Expression Control Application.

Key Commands
Build around a new, powerful and versatile 32bit ARM controller, the MIDI Expression iO supports sending key presses allowing the device to be used in new ways, including non-MIDI applications.

Une application qui permet la gestion de l’interface et des pédales est disponible en téléchargement ici

Essais des différentes pédales Expression, Sustain, Switch


Midisolutions – QuadraMerge – 4x In, 1x Out auto-alimenté

Midisolutions – Event Processor Plus Map, Filter, Trigger, Envoi d’une Séquence d’évènements Midi, programmable (à l’aide du MIDI Solutions Programming Tools). voir les exemples et la notice ici